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Our company is a mineral buyer. You can sell mineral rights to us from many places within the USA. We have been in business for 37 years and have bought thousands of acres. We make our operation work by spreading risk across many properties. Selling mineral rights is not hard; all you need to do is provide some information about the mineral interests you own and we'll take it from there.

Mineral Rights Counter Offer

Our company began in the oil and gas business over 37 years ago and we have completed a LOT of mineral right sales in that time. We have bought thousands of acres across several states and we are very active presently adding to our extensive portfolio. We pay top dollar and have a great reputation due to a strong work ethic and treating people fairly. If you will contact us, we'll go to work promptly to assess your mineral rights value. We pay all costs. In the end, we will know the value of mineral rights under your land.

sell mineral rights counter offer

Do you have an offer to sell mineral rights? We are the top mineral buyer and royalty buyer on the internet, active throughout the USA. We would like to make you an offer to sell mineral rights to us. Our counter offer will make you happy!

If you have an offer from any royalty buyer to purchase your royalties (buy mineral rights), please contact us for a prompt counter-offer, whether your property is large or small.

As far as drilling goes, there are many oil and gas exploration companies actively drilling in the USA. It varies from state to state. Some operators are active in many states, but some are heavily involved in one or two.

For instance, Noble Energy has drilled a lot of wells in Colorado. Many deep wells have been drilled by Noble. Royalties from these companies can be substantial, but they all deplete. All wells naturally decline, some faster than others. Noble has enjoyed some success but they have also drilled some poor wells. For other companies, it's the same, whether it's EOG, XTO, ConocoPhillips, etc. The oil business is fickle!

We started in the oil and gas business over 37 years ago, so, tons of experience is at hand. We've bought many millions of dollars of oil royalties and natural gas royalties -- thousands of acres across most of the states that enjoy oil and gas production.

If your mineral rights are a producing property, meaning you are getting a regular royalty check, we are the answer to "What companies buy mineral rights?" We are the most active royalty buyer on the internet.

We would like the opportunity to beat the offer you have from any royalty buyer. We can assess your mineral interests and royalty rights quickly. We pay all closing costs. Isn't that noble? Royalties dribble in but we can give you a big cash payday!

Whether you wish to sell oil rights or help in selling gas rights, please give us a chance to make a counter offer and beat your offer -- sell oil royalties or sell gas royalties quickly with us!

Selling Mineral Rights

We are a mineral rights buyer and royalty buyer in the following states and would like to make an offer to you if you own oil rights or gas rights. Those selling Texas mineral rights or selling North Dakota mineral rights... we have boosted our budget for those selling mineral rights there. We need more Texas mineral rights (and North Dakota). Here are the active states for those selling oil rights or selling gas rights:

sell mineral rights

More about mineral owners in the grand and noble State Of Texas... there are countless mineral owners in your state! Are you one who wishes to sell mineral rights in Texas? We make a lot of purchases there. In many of the counties, we are an active buyer. We have recently added areas so that we are acquiring more San Augustine County mineral rights and those in Shelby County, Harrison County, Nacogdoches County and Angelina County. If you wish to sell San Augustine County mineral rights, for instance, we might have already done some work in the area of your minerals, so, selling Texas mineral rights could bring you a nice payday. If you would like to sell Panola County royalties or mineral interests in those other counties, please contact us.

Mineral Rights Buyer

We are a mineral rights buyer and a royalty buyer in the following producing regions where you may sell mineral rights. If you would like to get an offer or a counter offer on your mineral interests, please contact us.

The following is a list of large oil companies in the USA. There are many smaller ones. Perhaps some of these operate in your region. We help you sell mineral rights operated from any of the following (and other oil companies / gas companies, as well):

Sale Of Mineral Rights -- UPDATED AREA:

Sell North Dakota Mineral Rights

We have expanded even more for those who wish to sell mineral rights in North Dakota. Do you own and wish to sell McKenzie County mineral rights? Are you selling Mountrail County mineral rights? How about selling Williams County mineral rights or Dunn County, ND? We are actively purchasing and eager to spend our budget with those selling mineral rights in North Dakota. We pay top dollar and our counter offer always beats the other company.

Here is a complete list of North Dakota counties where we are most active:

Sell West Virginia Mineral Rights

Likewise, we are seeking more minerals and royalties (oil rights, gas rights) in West Virginia:

Sell Pennsylvania Mineral Rights

Our interest to spread more risk around by boosting Pennsylvania mineral rights purchases is focused here:

Sell Oklahoma Mineral Rights

Our interest in Oklahoma is varied; there are a lot of Oklahoma counties that interest us. Some key ones where you may sell mineral rights are:

Sell New Mexico Mineral Rights

The State of New Mexico has quite a bit of oil and gas production, although a lot of it is old, from decades-old oilfields. If you wish to sell New Mexico oil rights or sell New Mexico gas rights, please contact us.

Sell Louisiana Mineral Rights

Louisiana has been producing oil and gas since around 1902! In the past few years, the Cotton Valley trend has seen a lot of activity. Those owning Terryville mineral rights (Terryville gas field) in Lincoln Parish, we can help you sell royalties there because we need more Cotton Valley production. Over the past few years, the Haynesville shale was found productive and also the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale -- the TMS. Here are Louisiana expansion areas for you to sell mineral rights.

Sell Mississippi Mineral Rights

The TMS (Tuscaloosa Marine Shale) has not been "proved up" yet but we are making more purchases in Amite County, MS and also Wilkinson County, MS. Hopefully, drilling costs will come down and well results will improve; drilling costs in Mississippi for TMS wells are among the highest in the USA!

Sell Arkansas Mineral Rights

The Fayetteville shale produces across a wide swath of North Arkansas.

Sell Texas Mineral Rights

The State of Texas (TX) enjoys the top spot in oil production in the USA. They have been running neck and neck with North Dakota for the top spot. This is primarily due to a lot of drilling in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota and Montana and the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas. We buy in many counties in Texas. If you have received an offer, please allow us to submit a counter offer.

Sell Montana Mineral Rights

The State Of Montana has quite a long history of oil production and several years ago, another round of drilling began with the Bakken Shale area development. There are primarily two counties we focus on but you can sell Montana mineral rights to us from any oil well.

In summary, if you wish to sell mineral rights in most any of the oil and gas regions of the USA, we are the internet's most active company. We pay to assess your mineral rights value, we pay top rates and we close fast. We have created a focus area in several states where we are increasing our purchases from those selling mineral rights.

If you have had an offer to sell mineral rights, please allow us to make you a counter offer. Those selling mineral rights can enjoy a nice cash payday for the sale!

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