Sell Mineral Rights

sell mineral rights

Sell Mineral Rights

Minerals123.com is a top mineral buyer and royalty buyer. If you have ever wondered about the "value of my mineral rights" and who buys Wyoming mineral rights, we are your answer! A quick internet search will reveal that our company is a most active mineral buyer. In Wyoming, we buy minerals for those wishing to sell mineral rights in Wyoming.

Mineral rights value is not a number we just make up; it is carefully calculated using many variables. One can also sell royalties to us. This means you are getting an oil check or gas check. But, often, we don't care whether your Wyoming mineral interests are producing or not. We do sometimes buy non-producing minerals and royalties. If you are considering selling mineral rights let's talk!

Some people call them oil rights and you can sell oil rights in Wyoming. (Or sell gas rights.) We also buy in the neighboring states: Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska and South Dakota. We also buy in other states and are a big mineral buyer in the nearby state of North Dakota.

Sell Royalty Rights / Sell Gas Rights / Sell Oil Rights

The term "mineral rights" is close to the same as saying "oil rights" and "gas rights." This is what we are dealing with -- oil and natural gas. If you own royalty rights alone, that means that you own the right to enjoy oil roylaties or gas royalties but you do not have the right to sign an Oil & Gas lease and receive a lease bonus (signing bonus). In some states, a royalty is often called non-participating royalty interest ("NPRI"). Those owning royalty rights NPRI in Wyoming can deal with our company because we are the answer to who buys royalties in Wyoming.

The following is a list of Wyoming (WY)counties where oil and gas production occurs.

The top five producing counties are Campbell County, Converse County, Park County, Sublette County and Sweetwater County. If you own Cambell County mineral rights, Converse County mineral rights or Park County mineral rights, those are the top three; hopefully you have enjoyed some oil or gas production!

Many oil companies operate in Wyoming. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC
  • BP America Production Company
  • Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Company L
  • Chesapeake Operating LLC
  • Chevron USA Inc
  • Devon Energy Production Company LP
  • Encore Energy Partners Operating LLC
  • EOG Resources Inc
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • Jonah Energy LLC
  • Linn Operating Inc
  • Marathon Oil Company
  • Memorial Production Operating LLC
  • Merit Energy Company
  • Qep Energy Company
  • Samson Resources Company
  • Ultra Resources Inc
  • Wexpro Company
  • WPX Energy Rocky Mountain LLC
  • Yates Petroleum Corporation

  • A list of oil companies changes over the years, as some go bankrupt, some get bought out.

    For more insight to sell mineral rights, you can visit sell gas rights. (Sell oil rights.) Let's talk about selling mineral rights regardless of your oil and gas lease status. Please ask for "Bill," a pro with 37 years experience who can quickly determine your mineral rights value.


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